Max Mannix Exhibition

You can enjoy the spirit of the outback wherever you live with a Max Mannix original artwork.

Max Mannix will display his art Exhibition “The Spirit of the Outback” featuring 76 originals at Morpeth Gallery commencing 18th August until Sunday 21st August, 2022 from 10am-5pm.

Max Mannix Exhibition -

Max Mannix paints slowly adding more and more details to his canvas that you see the more you study his work.  He paints on canvas board and stretched canvas with 30 different coloured oils.  Max doesn’t premix his colours on his palette, he uses pure pigment of paint straight to the canvas…hence the vibrancy. Max can’t start a new painting until he knows the title of the painting, it comes first before he puts a line or mark on the canvas.  With every other artist, the name of the painting comes last.

His technique catches the vivid colours of the outback, the scratchiness of saltbush and Mallee vegetation, and the general weathered-ness and falling-down-ness of eaten-out cattle country. The technique, which he has developed depends on the dryness of the semi-desert air, is almost effortless, but that doesn’t make the results any less true or moving.

Max Mannix Exhibition -

You don’t get Max until you realise that the figures that line the rails at his bush races and raise their glasses at the bush picnic are all ghosts. His lanky drovers are all long gone but the hot earth that grins through their transparent figures is still there. The gates really do hang as lop-sided and gaping as he paints them. Max’s best work, like a true bushman, is alight with humour and passion – not that the people who have never been outback would understand.

Painting dogs with bony ribs is one of Max’s distinctive touches. Where did this idea come from? The answer is from his 20 years of droving cattle experience and working with dogs on massive cattle stations in far western Queensland. Dogs are among Max’s most popular and most identifiable images. Dogs are not merely convenient subjects for him to draw and paint, especially in the outback town of Thargomindah, but they are also a powerful metaphor for society at large. Max has exhibited all over the world, including America and people have a uniform love of dogs and relate to the skinny ones he paints. Max has also illustrated several books.

Supporting Max will be wildlife artists James Hough and Garry Fleming who will also be in residence during the exhibition Thursday August 18th to Sunday 21st August 10am-5pm. Entry is free.