MORPETH Gallery will present a unique Anzac Day Art exhibition which will bring together three of the nation’s most respected artists in what is believed to be an Australian first…paintings of “War Horses and War Birds”.


Air-Attack On The Light Horse“Lest We Forget” will open on Anzac Day (April 25) 2013 and will feature stunning works of Jennifer Marshall, her husband Ron Marshall who both specialise in Light horse paintings and John Bradley who paints military aircraft in action and closes at 5pm on Sunday 28th April 2013.


Trevor Richards of Morpeth Gallery, 5 Green Street, Morpeth NSW 2321, believes the FREE four-day exhibition by these respected artists who specialise in the unusual painting genre of all things military, has never been done before in Australia. “As far as I am aware this is certainly a first,” Mr Richards said. He said each of the artists’ works are precise and heavily detailed, Mr Bradley’s aircraft paintings featuring every nut and bolt.

For-me-mate“His works are so accurate and have been scrutinised by aircraft experts,” Mr Richards said. “That’s why he has been commissioned on numerous occasions to paint many forms of military aircraft. “There is no room for fault otherwise well trained eyes will immediately pick up any flaws,” he said.

Works by Mr and Mrs Marshall also feature pieces which have been painstakingly produced after many gruelling hours, firstly doing extensive research and then many more hours at the easel. These depict actual events in the Boer and 1st World War. “Painting images of horses is artistically difficult and hard to get right, Mr Richards said.

“Their works are historically correct and depict accurate images of many battles.” Mr Richards said each of the artists original works will be on display and enthusiasts can buy the originals or reproductions of their favourite pieces. The artworks on display at Morpeth cover the Light Horse in the Boer War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam and Afghanistan conflicts. All three artists will be present throughout the exhibition.




Taffy Waits“This kind of illustration is exact and accuracy is paramount,” Mr Richards said. “Their pursuit requires a passion to learn that particular event in history inside and out. “Jennifer and Ron have become, in addition to being artists, part story tellers, part patriots and part detectives,” he said.


For more information contact Trevor Richards on 49331407.