John McCartin

Landscape Painter in Oils on Canvas

Born in 1954, John displayed a marked natural talent for drawing as a young boy. He started painting as a hobby in 1974 but seriously from 1991 with the aim of developing his work to the highest standard. He commenced painting full time in 2002.

One of Australia’s finest artists, John is a multi-award winning artist and a full time professional painter. Since turning to a full time painting career his work has attracted much attention and is now increasing in popularity as more of his work is becoming available.

His works are convincing representations of the real thing, visually striking and professionally executed. Each painting possesses great beauty and intense realism designed to stir the heart and lift the soul. His masterful use of colour and tone create a powerful illusion of light and atmosphere.

Light particularly is a notable feature of his work, prompting comments by many viewers, artists and reputable judges. These qualities in combination with John’s keen power of observation, superb drawing skill and passionate response to an inexhaustible array of subjects, sets him apart from other artists.

Alan Campbell, curator of Heysen Art, “The Cedars”, who opened the John McCartin Fine Art exhibition, publicly announced at the official opening, that John’s work is the closest to Sir Hans Heysen’s he has ever seen. 

Largely self taught, John has been influenced by famous Australian artists such as Elioth Gruner, Hans Heysen, Arthur Streeton and American artists James Fetherolf and Richard Schmid.

John’s work has captured the attention of people like Richard Stone, Royal Portraitist to Queen Elizabeth II; famous artist/critic John Olsen; famous wildlife artist William T Cooper OA; well-known and distinguished portrait artist the late Reg Campbell.

The following comments indicate the effect these influences have had on John’s work.

Internationally celebrated wildlife artist William T Cooper OA is quoted to have said, upon viewing John’s work for the first time, that it reminded him of a recent exhibition of works by Walter Withers, one of the Heidelberg school’s famous early Australian artists. He describes John’s works as stunning and way underpriced for the outstanding quality.

A London art collector, James Bonython, who called in to the gallery, compared John’s work to that of Sir Arthur Streeton.

Gary Laird, seven times winner and judge of the 2002 Kiama Art Society Exhibition comments:- “There is an old world Heidelberg feel to this work. I feel as if I can breathe the air and feel the warmth of the Australian Sun.” (“Homestead” – awarded First Prize Traditional)

2002 Camberwell Rotary Art Show judges’ comments:- “This work creates a most convincing sensation of atmosphere, space and light.” (“The Long Paddock” – awarded Best Australian Oil Landscape Painting)

From an early age John has felt drawn to the Australian landscape and though he is recognised primarily as an accomplished landscape painter he has also received recognition as a still life/floral artist. Working mostly in oils, John has also worked successfully in watercolour and charcoal.

His works are held in private and corporate collections in England, Ireland, Norway, Russia, America, Holland, Japan, India, and throughout Australia.

To John, the greatest of all challenges is to produce a heart stirring composition that not only captures the essence of the subject but also conveys a convincing sensation of light and atmosphere; space and form.

This requires a high degree of tonal precision as well as a finely tuned sense of colour, balance and design. Though artists and critics alike have acclaimed John’s work, his main focus has always been on painting from the heart and passing onto the viewer a visual and emotional experience that anyone can appreciate.

He believes you don’t need a trained eye to appreciate good art as child and adult alike appreciate a good painting, needing no explanation. He would even add, “If it needs explanation, then the work has failed to convey its intended message.”

John has observed that many people are caught up in the rush of everyday life. “They often overlook the wonder of creation. The glistening of early morning frosts and rising mists; animals grazing in the fields with the sun on their backs; the colours of sunset and that of a sun drenched landscape after rain; the stark beauty of a frosty winter landscape; the blossoms of a spring morning; the brilliant reds and oranges of autumn. These things are all around us but few people really stop to appreciate their beauty”.

John seeks to recapture what is very often missed or taken for granted so that people will have another chance to appreciate what modern technology has taken away. Please relax and enjoy the innocent pleasure of seeing nature at its best, in partnership with man and beast.

In May 2003 John and his wife Julie came on a painting trip to the Adelaide Hills fell in love with the magic of the place and moved to the area to capture the essence of its beautiful surroundings.

A multi-award winning and full time professional artist, John McCartin lives and paints in the Adelaide Hills close to Hahndorf.  People who see his paintings often compare John’s work favourably to that of Heysen, Gruner, Streeton, Withers, and Roberts etc.

As John’s painting career is in its early stage his work is still developing and prices are relatively low.  He has now expanded his range of works to include landscapes, seascapes, floral/still life, human figure/portraits and animals, in various mediums such as pencil, charcoal, conté, pastel, oil and watercolour.

Footnote: John Mc Cartin entered the International Artist competition 2011.The subject of the competition was “ your favourite subject”. John entered his painting –“ DAIRY D’LIGHT’. There were 10.000 entries, from around the world, John won the Grand Prize (first prize) The International Artist Magazine #80 August / September 2011 edition has all of the details.



Recent International Awards

*RayMar Art Contest – Best of Show

*International Artist Magazine Favourite Subjects – Grand Prize 2011

*International Artist Magazine Favourite Subjects – 2nd Prize 2013

*Shades of Grey Annual Drawing Competition – Runner up 2013

*Mortimore Prize – Competition Finalist and Drawing Prize Winner 2013

*The Artist’s Magazine Art Competition – Finalist 2013

*Artistic Excellence Art Competition – Runner up 2012


His works are held in private and corporate collections worldwide and are currently available for purchase at;

Morpeth Investment Art Gallery in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia,

Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art in San Antonio, Texas

New Masters Gallery in Carmel, California, USA.