Parsons Picnic 90cm x 60cm $12,000

John Cornwell

Landscape Painter in Oils on Board or Canvas

John Cornwell loves Australian bush life. He has a particular love for horses, especially the draught horse. John’s first hand experience of the bushman’s way of life, including horse journeys to remote parts of our wilderness, has allowed John to recreate these scenes onto his canvas.

John loves to depict the leisurely days or horsepower, when great teams of workhorses like the mighty Clydesdales dominated life and land transport in communities dotted throughout Australia. The horses hauled the heavily built drays laden with all manner of produce bound for market. He captures the coats and stride of the horse, the rural roughness of the workmen’s clothing and the intense poses of their dogs.

John also paints excellent portraits of country folk – men in bush hats with their weather worn faces. These, often comical portrayals, sell very well from Morpeth Gallery as ‘ready to frame prints’. The Australian way of life is richly textured, warm, human and laidback, yet alive with colour and fine detail. You look into his paintings rather than at them.

John was a keen artist from childhood, and as a schoolboy won numerous art competitions. After completing his education he took up an art scholarship at East Sydney Technical College and after years in business, became a full time artist in 1970. John now resides at Kiama on the NSW South Coast.