John Bradley

Landscape Painter in Oils on Board

The first thing you notice about a John Bradley painting is the colour. You look at it and say, it is different than the eye normally sees it, but that’s not true. From John’s property in the Hunter Valley you look out over the Paterson Valley and John will say, “You’ve got to take time out and look at the Australian landscape because the colours are there. Look at that red there, look at that lovely green tree…” That’s what makes his paintings so different from most other landscape painters you may know. John’s treatment of light on trees and foliage is unique.

When you own a John Bradley painting you will notice how the light on the painting constantly changes throughout the day. Especially John’s Blue Mountain scenes, late afternoon as the room darkens you’d swear the mist was rolling out of the painting and into your lounge room – it’s amazing. John is also extremely proficient at painting locomotives, aeroplanes, sailing ships and old historic buildings… All reminders of times when the pace of life was a little slower and more meaningful. He is known as “The Perfectionist Painter”.

John Bradley is an artist who has been successfully promoted. You will discover his open and limited edition prints in galleries, furniture stores and gift shops Australia wide. A coffee table style book was published in 2001 and features 60 paintings of the Blue Mountains. Companies such as Akubra use John Bradley images on their calendars.

Born in Sydney in 1945, and with a background of Electronics Marketing & Advertising Management, John had been interested in drawing for as long as he can remember. At age 36 he became a full time painter and art teacher, conducting seven classes a week from his Blue Mountains studio before moving to the Hunter to paint full time.