Graham Cox

Landscape Painter in Oils on Board

In Graham’s work he is always attempting the unattainable, this is what sets him aside from many artists. His aim with every work is to paint a scene that cannot be improved. Graham Cox is widely respected as an “Artist Extraordinaire” for his masterly ability to capture the unique Australian ‘air’ in his landscape paintings. From the craggy snow capped mountains and tranquil lakes of his beloved Tasmania, where he lived for a time in the early stages of his professional career, Graham’s paintings take us through the many familiar areas of Australia that he has painted so well over the years.

His success over the years has been as a result of his stunning paintings. When the NSW Government put out a poster to promote concern for the environment, it was a Graham Cox landscape they chose. Two books have been published on his work as well as countless articles written for art magazines, and other media. Prints are available from his originals and he has had sell out exhibitions in Queensland and at Morpeth Gallery.

Born in 1941 at Burwood, Sydney, Graham now resides in Maitland, Hunter Valley NSW, with wife Krysten Walker, an accomplished sculptor and their children. Graham paints from his studio in ‘the back shed’, where there is no intrusion from TV, radio or telephone.

When you see a painting of Graham’s it will talk to you as if you were there. That is why collectors are eager to snap them up. “What he paints today will influence generations yet unborn.”