Garry Fleming

Wildlife Artist
Gouache, Watercolour and Oil

When Garry Fleming begins a new painting he always starts with the creature’s eyes. If the eyes are not correct, he scraps the painting and starts again.

When Garry paints, for example a bird, he tries to capture its softness and cuteness. He paints what he sees and feels rather than painting a technically accurate, but sterile representation of the bird such as you find in some early bird books, where stuffed birds were used as subjects. “Painting to me has always been a self expression of the beauty that surrounds us everyday. I love to capture this beauty as a reminder of moments special to me. As early as I can remember I’ve had an affinity with birds and animals”.

Garry was born on 7th March 1967, and commenced work as an illustrator, designing souvenirs and post cards. After 5 years of this employment Garry decided to strike out on his own and commenced writing and illustrating children’s books. He is completely a self-taught artist. Garry’s work has been reproduced as Open and Limited Edition prints, calendars, gift cards and a wide range of souvenirs. All of this has helped him raise the profile of his work and his artistic career, but it is his illustrated & written children’s books that he is renowned for.

On the shelves of major bookstores worldwide you will find more than 165 books, written in 56 languages which amounts to literally millions and millions of sales. Morpeth Gallery is the only place you will find Garry’s originals for sale. They are highly prized in investment art collections.