Famous Australian artist Kevin Best OAM passed away 1st August 2012.


One of Australia’s greatest traditional landscape artists, Kevin Best OAM, died in Sydney aged 80, he was best known for his paintings of Australian bush with rays of light in them, and it brings to an end a wonderful artistic career, for which he was awarded an OAM in 2005.



Born in Hamilton, in 1932 the same year the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built and the ABC opened like both these institutions Kevin has cemented his paintings as part of Australian culture.

Considered to be one of Australia’s best painters of the Australian bush, Kevin’s original work has been selected for use for reproduction onto Open edition prints, Limited edition prints, dinner place mats, coasters, biscuit tins, confectionery tins, calendars and of course books.


He launched his last book, “Secrets of the Bush”,  at Morpeth Gallery in 2007 which disclosed how he paints and why he painted.


Other artists say that Kevin Best’s signature was “Light”, whether they are rays of light, mists, sunrises, sunsets, moon light, light emanating from a camp fire at night or shafts of filtered light  and was also renown for is his “Backlighting”.


Kevin has become an institution known for his stunning paintings, which portray the hard life of wild Brumbies in the mountains, the heat and dust when mustering the mob, and the special relationship between man, the bush and the animals.  All of these he captures with great detail, letting the light play its impact on the natural setting which of course is his forte.


Kevin said, “One of the best parts of being a landscape artist is the challenge of light.”  All of his paintings evoke emotions, which only the Australian bush and landscape can bring together. The lonely camp of the relief stockman on the banks of a rushing streams with light reflecting from the rounded stones presents a magic setting of its own.

Kevin’s talent does not stop there. He was equally at home painting the thundering surf, cajoling dolphins in the ocean or a lone fisherman on the beach, many of which include brilliant sunrises, and the clouds filtering their rays of light like fingers from God.


Being self-taught he felt that the greatest teacher and challenger was nature itself ‑ he surely is a unique individual and the paintings reflect the creative character and wit of the man.


Kevin leaves behind a wonderful legacy of his fabulous art which is represented in dozens of countries worldwide and on many other products where companies have chosen these images to adorn numerous products.


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