D’Arcy W Doyle

Landscape Artist in Oils on Board

His paintings of Australia’s ‘golden age’ evoke nostalgic memories to all of us. d’Arcy’s art accurately depicts a child like innocence of the late 1930’s and a more leisurely, less complex era of earlier times, now a part of our national history. It is estimated that one in four Australian households have an image of Doyle’s – whether that be a print, placemat, biscuit tin, calendar, mug etc… it’s an amazing statistic.

d’Acry Doyle was born in 1932 and died in 2001. He began by painting murals, was a fantastic signwriter, joined the navy for a time and established himself as a successful realist painter. His nostalgic scenes, painted from memory, made him a household name. Children playing marbles, flying kites, soccer and cricket scenes. Rural scenes of mustering sheep and cattle, droving and dairy farms were depicted on canvas, along with Australian poems and songs – Man From Snowy River, Click Go the Shears, Clancy, Waltzing Matilda…

In the 1980’s and 1990’s Limited Edition print runs sold out in months. Doyle’s depictions of some of our most famous cricketers remain popular. Doyle was also skillful at painting horses, a passion of his. He found it really easy, describing the process as simply combining a pineapple for the body, orange for the rump, banana for it’s back and a pear for its quarters. The rest was easy!

Since his death, Doyle Original artworks have been in high demand. Morpeth Gallery has a steady flow of Doyle originals that sell through the Gallery, most don’t make it onto the walls! Sales of his Limited Edition investment prints also remain strong.