The Romantics Art Exhibition

Meet the five artists over the weekend who call themselves the Romantics. Werner Filipich, James Hough, Max Mannix, Ramon Ward-Thompson and Ian Hansen’s works will be on display at Morpeth Gallery from Thursday 7th July until Sunday 10th July 2016. Free entry.

Originating in the late 18th century, romanticism is an artistic movement stressing strong emotion, imagination and freedom. Artists of this romantic period aim to capture these ideals in their work, hoping to inspire an emotional response in their audience.

From its inception, romanticism was preoccupied with landscape. It evokes feelings of nostalgia, stirs life’s mysteries and portrays a grandeur of nature. Nature has the ability to transform the artist’s inner most thoughts onto the canvas, portraying a breathtakingly fresh look of the beauty in the world around us.


No other Australian painter presents the harsh Australian bush or cold city streets with such softness and subtlety, like Ramon Ward-Thompson. Ramon captures the soft mood of any setting, whether it is the urban jungle of New York, or the flowing streams of River Avon in England. Each is romantic and intimate.

Throughout James Hough’s artistic career, his deep passion for Australian wildlife and the environment has combined with his other love, Fine Art. James’ work reflects the deep respect he has for the natural environment. He revels in the idea of his work capturing one particular moment in time, favouring emotion rather than correctness.

Werner Filipich is one of Australia’s last traditional artists who practices in the true tradition of the Heidelberg School of Impressionist Artists: packing up his easel and ‘going bush’, painting in the environment he wishes to capture. Werner takes regular painting trips to refresh his eye on the colours of the natural environment from season to season.


Marine artist Ian Hansen’s paintings portray his deep love of the sea and ships. He loves to paint the square riggers which today are the romantic period of sea travel. The ships Ian has seen throughout his lifetime from Navy ships to his own yacht, are what he draws his inspiration and great understanding of the sea from. Ian began painting the romantics of the sea in watercolours when he was eight, and graduated to oils at the age of eleven.

Australian artist Max Mannix paints stories or ‘yarns’ based on his years growing up in Victorian country towns and working on cattle stations in the Queensland outback. Max’s time spent living in these rural landscapes have given him endless inspiration with colourful characters enabling him to depict life in a light-hearted vein with keen insight and gentle humour.

For more information on the exhibition and when the artists will be at the gallery, head to our Facebook page or the Morpeth Gallery website.