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Gordon Hanley will be in residence at Morpeth
Gallery between 10am and 5pm over the weekend of
16th and 17th 18th November 2012.





MORPETH Gallery will soon host an Australian artist who is taking the international art world by storm with his unique works, painstakingly drawn in 24 carat gold and pure silver.

Biologist turned artist Gordon Hanley will unveil his latest collection called “Visions of Female Beauty” at Morpeth Gallery on November 16.

He will be in house at the 5 Green Street, Morpeth gallery, from 10am till 5pm November 16 to 18 demonstrating his art form to coincide with his exhibition and entry is free.

Clearly passionate about his craft, Hanley switched to metal point from other art mediums such as water colours and oils, a bold move that can often prove fatal and extremely costly in the fickle art world.

Hanley said Metalpoint is technically totally different to other mediums and leaves no room for error with a simple sneeze or cough, capable of destroying any work.

He said Metalpoint is barely understood but offers the artist enormous potential for new artistic opportunities.

“Drawings done entirely in 24 carat gold have a much warmer tone than drawings in pencil and when tilted to the light, the warm grey drawings come alive, reflecting the shimmer of golden light,” he said.

Hanley said portraits and figure drawings created in gold have an “ethereal” beauty quite unlike those produced by other drawing media.

“Put simply, you will not have seen anything quite like these drawings,” he said.

In fact so intricate are Hanley’s pieces, people are hard pressed to differentiate them from black and white photographs.

Hanley said there are very few artists across the world working in Metalpoint but is unaware of any drawing photorealism in Metalpoint because of its high risk failure rate.

With a background in science, Hanley, through experimentation and much trial and error, has been able to come up with a formula he says has cracked the code helping him create the perfect Metalpoint piece.

“I’m not secretive about what it is and I will be running demonstrations at the Morpeth show to explain  how it works.”

Hanley’s drawings may take weeks to complete and can range in price from $2000 to $26,000.

His works on exhibition at Morpeth Gallery are testament to this tedious medium with drawings of ballerinas showing the detail in each fine layer of their tutus and one of a body builder showing the definition in every muscle.

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”Well, that’s no good,” Jennefer Doyle told The Sun-Herald, when informed she had vouched for at least one fraudulent work, Kites in Full Flight, after it was deemed a fake by a Sydney auction house last October.

The widow of one of Australia’s most popular artists, d’Arcy Doyle, may have unwittingly authenticated dozens of fake paintings that were produced in Taiwan carrying her famous late husband’s signature.

Doyle’s paintings depicting pastoral Australia in the 1930s and ’40s were very popular. Thousands of prints were sold and his work was also licensed for use on calendars and biscuit tins. His sentimental vignettes are so ubiquitous that the Australian Reproductions website estimates that as many as one in four Australians have one of his prints.

Doubt was cast on the authenticity of some works when the gallery of his agent, Ron Coles, was raided in 2009 and found to contain forgeries of works by Arthur Streeton, Pro Hart and David Boyd. Mrs Doyle then stepped forward to become the overriding authority on whether paintings sold by Coles and carrying her husband’s name were genuine or not.

Not to worry! Morpeth Gallery’s D’arcy Doyle paintings have been authenticated!

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Nativity exhibition at Morpeth Art Gallery

Christmas Nativity Exhibition

At Morpeth Gallery discover hundred’s of nativities in all shapes & sizes, made from all manner of materials – glass, wood, resin, tin, ceramic, pottery. Light ups, musicals, modern & traditional. Every one for sale.