Thursday 6th July to Sunday 9th July, Morpeth Art Gallery, l0am to 5pm daily, 5 Green Street Morpeth NSW 2321, admission free.

Two of the world’s greatest artists will combine for a joint exhibition at Morpeth Art Gallery next month.

The Two Masters Art Exhibition (July 6-9) will feature the works of Gordon Hanley and John McCartin, both internationally acclaimed Australians whose works are among the most sought-after in the world. Both will be on site in the gallery during the exhibition.

“These guys are as big as you get anywhere in the art world,” gallery owner Trevor Richard said. “We’re really excited. Very few galleries get to hang their works – we’re lucky to be able to hang both, and to have them here on site.”

Their CVs make stunning reading.

John McCartin won ‘Best Painting in the World’ in 2011, as judged by the prestigious International Artist Magazine, taking out the top prize out of more than 23,000 entries from 93 countries. He has since received 52 major international awards in the past three years.

But his crowning glory came when he was hand-picked for membership of the Master Painters of the World artists guild – an exclusive group widely recognised as the best artists in the world today.

Hanley’s resume is no less impressive.

He has been named Australia’s only “Living Master” by the US Art Renewable Centre, one of the art world’s of most authoritative bodies, whose website draws more than 20 million hits a month. It describes a living master as one who has the rare talent, experience and expertise to create great humanistic works of art that a seemingly executed with effortless perfection.

Hanley uses the rare goldpoint technique, using a 24 carat gold tip on specially prepared paper. It is a system that was used in the 1500s but which had been lost to the world for hundreds of years, until rediscovered by Hanley.

His works are some of the most sought-after in the world today.

Gordon Hanley’s ‘Evening Elegance’