Get ready to be amazed with the most exotic and spiciest delights!

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th April 2012

Morpeth Ginger Beer Factory, 5 Green St, Morpeth

Free Entry. 10am – 5pm.


We love this weekend:

it’s the only time of the year we are allowed to make our visitors cry!


The lids on 53 Fiery Hot & Spicy Products will be cracked open at Morpeth Gourmet Foods, and put out for tasting all at once.  It’s a Fiery Food Lover’s delight.  We must warn you though, many of these Fiery Foods are not for the faint hearted, cry babies, whimps or sooks.  To give you an idea of the types of foods on offer lets start with the worst, oops – I mean the hottest.


This would be a locally grown and produced chilli paste called Devil’s Delirium, made by The Chilli Factory at Morisset, Lake Macquarie.  It’s a 14+, made from the hottest chilli in the world, called Jolokia.  Notoriously hard to grow, even in Australia’s hot climate, the Chilli Factory team have been propagating plants and harvesting them for three years now, with mixed results.  In 2009 they produced enough Chilli’s to create this new product.



Because of limited supplies it’s only been available for sale direct from the Chilli Factory, but we have twisted Marcel’s arm, and he agreed to deliver a limited quantity especially for the Fiery Food Festival.  We have just 22 jars for sale. There’s plenty to taste – if you dare.


Other Chilli Factory favourites will be available to try: The 10++ Habanero Paste, 10+ Wasabi Mustard and various other Mango, Smokey, Sweet, Salsa & Satay Sauces.  They have heat factors that range from a 10 to 2 out of 10.  From New Zealand comes a ‘Hot As Explosive’ Sauce in a bottle shaped like a stick of dynamite.

With names like Death By Chilli, Turbo Supercharge, Dynamite Chilli, and Dragon’s Blood, you know that the Chilli is Hot!  These concoctions will bring tears to the eyes of even the most hardened of chilli lovers. If you’re game… you’ll enjoy your endorphin rush!!


For those who like their chilli with a little less heat, may we recommend you try the Chilli Lime Sambal, Wasabi & Ginger Dressing, Spicy Hommus, Fart-a-lot Dip, Chilli Beefjerky or the Chilli/Garlic Olives.  Even milder still are, Chilli & Passionfruit Mayonnaise, Chilli Satay Sauce, and Chocolate Chilli Fondue. 


Still not fired up?  Why not sizzle the tastebuds with chilli pasta, spicy tomato sauce, chilli jam, mustards & a divine Chilli & Kaffir Lime Salad Syrup.  This Salad Syrup is the creation of Kurri based chef Chris Lloyd.  Drizzle over salad with salt & pepper squid or pour over pancakes, waffles & icecream.  Chilli coated nuts and others warmed in a hot pan, will keep the chills away.


When it’s time to dry out, the Chilli/Lime Cordial manufactured at Morpeth Ginger Beer Factory is a must and the Honey & Ginger (non alcoholic) Wine will quench your thirst.  At Morpeth Wine Cellar sample Chilli Liqueur Wine, Peppery Hunter cheese & hot olives.  Warm up with Morpeth Moonshine and a Woodfired pizza with lashings of chilli.


John Leon from the Central Coast will be on hand to talk to you about growing your own chilli plants.  They range in colour from blacks, red, yellow, green, purple and white.  Take home a plant from 82 different varieties, including Atomic Heart, Black Hungarian, Macho and Heart Throb or some seed to grow your own gastronomical chilli delights.


Restaurants, cafes and other Morpeth stores will have some ‘red hot specials’ in store and on the menus.


Morpeth Fiery Food Festival is a chilli lover’s paradise.  Chillies that take you beyond the edge of your plate will be available for Free tastings there will be 53 different chilli products to sample.




Life is too short… for boring food!