These images are extraordinary, Gordon uses pure silver and gold in a nod to 15th century Renaissance masters Arcimboldo, da Vinci & Michelangelo to create modern masterpieces, wildlife, portraits & still life – anything is possible!



 Taboo 60 x 40cm bw

Australian artist Gordon Hanley has recently been awarded the status of “Living Master” by the prestigious US Art Renewal Centre (ARC).

The ARC defines a living master as “one who has the rare talent, experience and expertise to create great humanistic works of art that are seemingly executed with effortless perfection.”

Hanley, whose artworks are represented by Morpeth Gallery, is the first Australian artist and the first silverpoint artist in the world to receive this accolade.

Trevor Richards of Morpeth Gallery said the ARC is the largest organisation in the world promoting the cause of realist art at the highest level.

He said its website generates 20 million hits a month, is influential across the art world and has become the “go-to” standard for galleries seeking the finest living artists in the world.

Silverpoints are drawings done in pure silver on paper, and were made famous by the great Renaissance masters such as da Vinci, Raphael and Michaelangelo. Hanley not only draws with silver, but also in 24 ct. gold on paper.

Each of Hanley’s artworks consists of hundreds of thousands of individual lines drawn with a gold wire and is the product of extreme patience, precision and time. So precise are Hanley’s pieces, people are often hard pressed to differentiate them from black and white photographs.

Hanley said drawings done entirely in 24ct gold have a much warmer tone than drawings in pencil and when tilted to the light, the warm grey drawings come alive, reflecting in shimmers of golden light.

These photorealist drawings may take many weeks to complete and although there are many thousands of artists across the world working in silverpoint very few attempt drawing in a photorealist style because of its high risk failure rate.

As a result of his ARC recognition, Hanley has been inundated with requests for interviews from international art publications including the American Artists’ Magazine, The International Artist Magazine and Australian Artist. He recently appeared in both the 30th Anniversary Edition of The Artist’s Magazine (USA) and also the 30th Anniversary Edition of Australian Artist’s Magazine in June 2014.

Hanley is having a solo exhibition in Morpeth Gallery Hunter Valley from 3rd- 12th October

Morpeth Gallery, 5 Green St, Morpeth.


For more information contact Trevor Richards at Morpeth Gallery on 02 4933 1407 or 0428 331 407.

For a demonstration of Hanley’s drawing technique see:

For information on the ARC complete with a comprehensive gallery