Chilli fiery food festival morpeth‘FIRE UP!’ at Morpeth Fiery Food FeastSaturday 20th & Sunday 21st April 2013

Morpeth Ginger Beer Factory, 5 Green St, Morpeth
It’s Free Entry. 10am – 5pm. Ph 02 4933 1407.






We love this weekend: it’s the only time of the year we are allowed to make
our visitors cry!
The lids on 63 Fiery Hot & Spicy Products will be cracked open at Morpeth
Gourmet Foods, and put out for tasting all at once. It’s a Fiery Food
Lover’s delight. We must warn you though, many of these Fiery Foods are not
for the faint hearted, cry-babies, wimps or sooks. To give you an idea of
the types of foods on offer let’s start with the worst, oops – I mean the