2011’s BEST PAINTING IN THE WORLD Winner John McCartin Art Exhibition

Thurs 4th – Sunday 7th July 2013.
10am till 5pm daily (FREE ADMISSION)


In 2011 John won International Artist Magazine ‘Best Painting in the World’ and his brilliant paintings just keep getting better.

See his latest investment art in a solo exhibition, featuring originals of the Cotswolds, UK.

John traveled there as part of his first prize award.

His signature cows and Australian country scenes will delight.




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IT’S not every day one can lay claim to being anointed “the best artist in the world”, nor is it every day an artist of that calibre exhibits in the Hunter.

Next month (July 4 to 7) Morpeth Gallery will host the 2011 Best Artist in the World, John McCartin, in a must see exhibition which will include breathtaking internationally acclaimed works.

McCartin earnt the best artist in the world title with his painting called “Dairy d’ Light” which judges initially thought was a photograph.

International Artist Magazine picked McCartin’s work from tens of thousands of entries from around the world.

Runners-up in the competition came from America, Canada, New Zealand, India and Sweden just to name a few.

McCartin, of South Australia, was asked to exhibit his work in the Greenhouse Gallery San Antonia, Texas where his work is selling for record prices.

The good news for Hunter art lovers is that you will not have to travel to the United States to see or purchase his work. You can find it all at Morpeth Gallery.

The subject matter McCartin now paints is wide and diverse but he only paints from real life.

You will often see him in a paddock sitting sketching a subject that he just has to capture so he can show the world the beautiful things that surround us.

His work is often compared to German-born Australian Artist Hans Heysen who became a household name for his watercolours of monumental Australian gum trees.

He also produced images of men and animals working in the Australian bush and ground-breaking depictions of arid landscapes in the Flinders Ranges.

Alan Campbell, curator of Heysen Art “The Cedars” frequently refers to McCartin as “the other Heysen.”

Campbell said McCartin possesses extraordinary drafting skill and demonstrates great versatility with a wide range of mediums such as pencil, charcoal, conte, pastel, oils and watercolour to produce landscapes, seascapes, floral/still life, human figure/portraits as well as works featuring birds and animals.

His work has captured the attention of the queen’s portraitist Richard Stone, artist/critic John Olsen and internationally celebrated wildlife artist William T Cooper OA. Cooper said McCartin’s works are stunning and “way under-priced for their outstanding quality.”

London art collector James Bonython compared McCartin’s works to that of Australian landscape painter Sir Arthur Streeton.

Seven times winner and judge of the 2002 Kiama Art Society Exhibition Gary Laird said: “There is an old world Heidelberg feel to his (McCartin’s) work. I feel as if I can breathe the air and feel the warmth of the Australian sun.”

McCartin never needs to look far for inspiration to paint with a garden full of blossoming roses, camellias and azaleas.

Chooks and ducks fossick free range in his backyard and around the corner are country lanes and paddocks full of gnarly gum trees, grazing cattle, misty mornings and hazy golden sunsets.

McCartin’s daily life is indeed a canvas.

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