Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 9.49.15 AMFrom humble beginnings sketching old barns and animals on his family’s Queensland property, artist Gordon Hanley is now trying to come to terms with his latest artistic feat which puts him at the forefront of the international art world.

Hanley, whose works are sold in exclusively in Australia at Morpeth Gallery, has recently been awarded the status of “Living Master” by the prestigious US Art Renewal Centre (ARC).

The ARC defines a living master as one who has the rare talent, experience and expertise to create great humanistic works of art that are seemingly executed with effortless perfection.
Trevor Richards of Morpeth Gallery said the ARC is the largest organisation in the world promoting the cause of realist art at the highest level.

He said its website generates 20 million hits a month, is influential across the art world and has become the “go-to” standard for galleries seeking the finest living artists in the world.

The accolade puts Hanley, who is also exhibiting at a New York gallery, in the company of some of the greatest realist artists in the United States with the likes of David Kassan and Steve Hanks.
“I am the first Australian artist and the first metalpoint artist in the world to receive this accolade,” Hanley said.

“I am still trying to come to terms with it all.”
He said that in the US, he is also part of the 2015 Lustrous Lines Metalpoint Exhibition at the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka California.

Hanley has come a long way from his first solo exhibition in 1990 which featured 33 paintings, all of which sold out on opening night. From this very first exhibition, the subject matter included figure – work, wildlife art and old structures, diverse subjects that have formed the basis of every exhibition and print release ever since. From 1992 Hanley has released over 100 different print titles in both open and limited edition format, making him one of the most published print artists in Australia in the past 20.

Although an oil painter for many years, Hanley switched to watercolour as his preferred medium in 1989, then to exhibition drawings from 2008. More recently he has been creating drawings in 24ct gold metal on prepared paper.

These Goldpoint drawings done in a photorealist style may take many months to complete and he is probably the only living artist in the world who is producing photorealist images in this medium.
Each artwork, which consists of hundreds of thousands of individual lines drawn with a gold wire is the product of extreme patience, precision and time.

Hanley said drawings done entirely in 24ct gold have a much warmer tone than drawings in pencil and when tilted to the light, the warm grey drawings come alive, reflecting in a shimmer of golden light.
So intricate are Hanley’s pieces, people are hard pressed to differentiate them from black and white photographs.

He said there are many artists across the world working in Metalpoint but is unaware of any drawing photorealism in Metalpoint because of its high risk failure rate.

As a result of his ARC recognition, Hanley has been inundated with requests for interviews from international art publications including the American Artists’ Magazine, The International Artist Magazine and Australian Artist.

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